CNST-H-420 Dynamics of structures

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Angelis\' part- Resonalyser-elastic waves (4/01/2021) - 6 Jan 2021

1) What are the types of elastic waves ? What can you tell about them? (Longitudinal, shear and Rayleigh; talk about their energy and speed)
2) What happens when these waves travel from a material to another? What is the acoustic impedance? (reflection and transmission, for Z, talk about the transmission and reflection coefficient)
3) Does the wave keep the same amplitude and shape when traveling? Why? (attenuation and dispersion , talk about scattering, damping etc)
4) Reonalyzer : why did we hold the sample at 2 points when testing in bending ? What are these 2 points called? What is the position of these points (in function of L) ? Why aren\'t they are the very end of the beam? (because they\'re the points where there is no movement, 0.27L, not the very end because it goes up)
5) Exercise 2 from the exercise session

He is reaaally really nice, not intimidating at all and pretty expressive (nods when you\'re right, does not when he\'s not sure).
Don\'t stress, you\'ll be fine!

Good luck !

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