INFO-H-414 Swarm Intelligence

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INFO-H-414 Swarm Intelligence - 16 Jan 2016

Part 1: Oral

-Data clustering: principles and equations
-Differences between PSO and ACO. PSO is improving solutions, ACO is building solutions.
-Equations of PSO and ACO.
-PSO: Identify the exploration and exploitation parts. For instance, the random matrix U is pushing toward exploration.
-ACS: equations and explain everything (like why is alpha = 1?, what is that q_0?, etc.)

Part 2: Project

-Questions on the project (is it applicable IRL? what to improve, does it use swarm robotics principles like desynchronization of agents and stochastic behaviour?)
-Wilson model
-DoL: what is it? => Engaging a task based on the stimulus, that's it.
-Threshold model: give it, explain it, equations, graphs, principles.

All in all, Mauro Birattari is nice and helps a lot, but he is ruthless. Marco Dorigo is passive, silent, does not help a bit, but the teaching assistant does (well, depending on the TA, I guess).

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